Advanced Suction Female Pumping Kit

Item# AD953

Product Description

Are you a woman who wants to experience some of the most intense suction you have ever felt? Most pumps draw air up by hand. Using our ultra powerful Bionic Pump, you can experience extreme suction with electric intensity. The kit includes two nipple pumps, to get the blood flowing to your breasts. Then, use either the pussy attachment for all over suction, or the clitoral cylinder for pinpoint sensation. The impressive vacuum will encourage circulation and will help the blood rush to the surface of your skin, heightening sensitivity. Once you have plumped to the desired level, just detach the hose. The cylinders are designed to retain pressure and stay in place until you break the seal. For extreme pumping enthusiasts only, this power packed pump is sure to satisfy.

Measurements: Nipple and clit cylinders: 3.14 inches in length (not including tip), 1.08 inch outer opening diameter and 0.82 inch inner opening diameter; Pussy cylinder: 3 inches in width, 4 inches in length

Material: ABS plastic, acrylic, rubber

Color: White

Note: Kit contains (1) electric pump, (2) nipple cylinders, (1) clit cylinder, and (1) pussy cylinder. Please note that suction is extremely powerful, use with care