Creampie Kit with Pussy Juice and Jizz Lube

Item# AE267
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Product Description

Does it smell like sex in here? With this one-two punch of scented lubes, you can get the odor in the air of both jizz and pussy. What will you do with these two incredibly realistic scents? Pretend you are on the set of a porno, slather your favorite sex toys up for added realism, wear them as perfumes....the choice is all yours! In addition to smelling like the real thing, they also perform great as traditional lubes, adding slick sexiness to your skin, partner, or toys. They clean up easily and offer the most lifelike and unique smell of any other lube on the market. Now you can get the full creampie experience with this combo of sex scented lubes!

Size: Pussy Juice: 8.25 fl oz; Jizz Lube: 8.5 fl oz

Note: Comes with 8.5 oz Jizz Lube and 8.25 oz Pussy Juice