Neoprene Sleep Sack - Extra Large

Item# AC185_XL

Product Description

Confine your love prisoner completely and allow them only the pleasures (or pain!) that you see fit. This high-quality sleep sack is made from tough, slightly stretchy neoprene that offers an interesting velvety, rubbery finish, perfect for fetish scenes. It features two zippers: the front zipper runs from the feet to the neck with three separate zipper pulls that allow you to expose sensitive areas of your choice to tease or torment, and the rear zipper descends from the lower back to the upper thighs to allow you access to their helpless bottom. Corset-style lacing works its way down the front of the sack from the chest to the shins, with the laces threaded through metal D-rings which are attached with sturdy strapping and further reinforced with 2 inch nylon strips sewn down the length of the garment. The bottom of the sleep sack provides a specially fitted area for the feet so that your lover remains comfortable during lock-up. The adjustable collar snaps closed, and internal neoprene sleeves restrict the movement of their arms, effectively preventing them from resisting any of the stimulation or tortures you have to offer.

Measurements: 18 inch Neck; 54 inch Chest and Arms; 54 inch Waist and Forearms; 47 inch Hips and Waist; 44 inch Thighs and Fingers; 26.5 inch Ankle and 61 inches from collar to base of feet

Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Metal

Color: Black

Note: Hood shown on model is not included