Vivid Uni-Polar E-Stim Cock and Ball Strap and Anal Plug

Item# AE894
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Product Description

Experience shocking pleasure in your ass and around your genitals! This accessory kit includes a stretchy and adjustable cock and ball strap that can be tightened to your comfort level, as well as a stainless steel anal plug that is robbed for your pleasure. Also included is a set of leads that will attach to both accessories and plug into most Zeus electro boxes. These highly conductive attachments will allow you to feel everything from tickling tingles to jolting pulses in your most sensitive parts! Made of stainless steel, the anal plug is non-porous for thorough sanitization with mild soap and water. Compatible with all types of lubricant.

Measurements: Strap has an unstretched diameter of 2.5 inches, with a .75 inch band width. Anal plug is 4 inches in total length, 3.5 inches insertable. 1.5 inches in diameter.

Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic, polyester.

Color: Blue.

Note: Powerbox not included.